Our Approach

Tanzanians are warm, loving, intelligent people who live in a difficult undeveloped environment lacking in infrastructure, food security, water resources, monetary resources, technology and many other things that we take for granted when living in a developed nation. Each day can be a struggle just to get to the next day. Unfathomable things such as “the rains have brought the water buffalo in and now it is too dangerous to go to the local water source” are common types of comments made in Tanzania. It is hard for us to comprehend when we can just turn on the faucet inside our home.

Simple Hope has been working consistently with the Hadzabe tribe of Lake Eyasi, The Tumaini Group in King’ori and the children at Matonyok Orphanage since 2011. These groups continue to be our focus. In all projects, it is important for those receiving help to be fully involved in each step of the process. As much as possible, we use Tanzanian experts to provide the instruction for new sustainable skills being taught. Simple Hope’s main purpose, currently, is to provide financial support which allows them to purchase necessary equipment, build infrastructure and attend trainings.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the divine help from God. We prayerfully depend upon His direction and resources. He has connected us to people in unusual ways, brought financial resources from unlikely places and opened many hearts to know the Gospel through the process of lifting those who struggle in Tanzania.

“With man this in impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26