Clean Water Options

Teaching Clean Water#1 – A very simple water unit. A Chlorine generator, a battery, table salt and a solar panel. We have taught several Nationals that taking this water unit to the rivers or other water catchment places, they can, turn the bacteria ridden water into safe drinking, cleaning and bathing water. This ministry is helping to reduce the number of people that are struck by water related diseases such as cholera, dysentery, and severe diarrhea. This system has brought, hope to those that have none. We have donated many units to be used with our food canning project and have donated several to local schools and an orphanage. The need continues –more units are needed for the future of this country.

​#2Sawyer Filter – This is a small, inexpensive and effective way to have safe clean drinking water. These tiny water filters are small portable, easy-to-use, reliable, inexpensive and can last a decade without needing to be replaced. Each filter is certified for ABSOLUTE microns; that means there is no pore size larger than 0.1 or 0.02 micron in size. This makes is IMPOSSIBLE for harmful bacteria, protozoa or cysts like E.coli, Giradia, Vibrio cholera and Salmonella typhi (which cause Cholera and Typhoid) to pass through the Sawyer Point One biological filter. All Sawyer filters have been tested by independent and qualified research laboratories according to U.S. EPA standards for water filters and does meet or exceeds EPA standards. Sawyers revolutionary technology has also been tested and verified by the United Nations, and is currently being used in more than 70 countries around the world.

​We were gifted with 30+ units on a recent trip. Our team actually drank from this filter the entire trip and had great results. We distributed to a rural hospital where people were ridden with water borne illnesses. These units will now give them the peace of mind they need and their families now have hope. The demand is high for these units in the areas in which we are working. Our hope is to distribute more and more each time we return.

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