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Lake Eyasi, Arusha, and King’ori Tanzania


Mantonyok Parent’s Trust Orphanage in Olisiti Arusha is a large city slightly southwest of Mt Meru. Often people traveling to Tanzania for safari, will spend their first evening in this city. It is fairly developed and provides most anything you will need while in Tanzania. On the outskirts of Arusha is a small village called Olisiti. This is where Mantonyok Parent’s Trust Orphanage is located. While it is near to the city, it lacks in amenities such as paved roads, indoor plumbing and easy transportation.

Lake Eyasi, Tanzania


This region, located in the rift valley area, is about 4 hours due west of Arusha. It is home to the Iraqw, Datoga and Hadzabe Tribes. The Hadzabe tribe is considered the most marginalized and least likely to survive into the next generation.The Tanzanian government asked if Simple Hope would be willing to help them learn new sustainable ways of living to insure the tribe’s continuance. The Ushindi Center was built in Endamagah, located on the northeast corner of Lake Eyasi, to begin addressing this need.


King'ori, Tanzania

 King’ori is an administrative ward in the Arumeru district of the Arusha Region of Tanzania. According to the 2002 census, the ward has a total population of 20,670. This small village town is located between Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro, about one hour north of the tarmac road. The Lutheran church has a strong presence here and is the home base for Simple Hope’s Tumaini Group Food Preservation Project. The area has little industry, with subsistence farming being most common. There is very little economic development, electricity, network and vehicular transportation. All roads are unpaved. It is much like living in pioneer days.

Frido Urio organizes tthe Tumaini group here.




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